30 Days of Content

Day 1: Enter the Dragon

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed as I’ve been slowly (very slowly) building a cache of content on this site it’s the following:

I’m not the least bit consistent without structure.

This is one of the primary traps many well-intended content creators and entrepreneurs find themselves in once the honeymoon period of firing up a blog or starting a business wares off. Adrenaline is great for getting you off the ground, but it’s shit at sustaining you.

I had, and have, every intention of providing consistent and excellent content to this site. But intentions get you exactly zero distance without execution, and execution gets really difficult without a solid plan.

So in an effort to change my own habits I’m executing a new plan with a super creative name: 30 Days of Content.

April has 30 days. I’m going to check in with you each of those 30 days.

Expect great things. Also expect incoherent stream-of-consciousness rants. Let’s have some fun.

All the best,