30 Days of Content 3

Day 3: Speeding Up in a Slowdown.

There had to be one day about COVID-19 early on in this thing.

Truth is I’m in construction so as “essential infrastructure” employees have had a pretty normal go at it even as this whole virus has been wreaking havoc across the world.

What I’m trying to get used to is how slow everything feels, and what I should do with it. I know the natural tendency when the world around us cranks it down a few notches (a la weekends or holidays) is to increase the amount of Netflix watched by about double, but I’m becoming more than a bit certain that we should be doing just the opposite.

Instead of slowing down I’m going to be looking at areas where I need to speed up, dive deeper, work harder, or even just explore new opportunities.

It’s 10:45pm so I’m gonna leave it at that. I’ll follow up on it tomorrow. It’s already an hour past my bedtime. Good night, nerds.

Onward and upward,