30 Days of Content 4

Day 4: Tolkien

I love Tolkien books.

The Hobbit. The Lord of the Rings. The Silmarillion. The Adventures of Tom Bombadil. Countless others, many of which I actually haven’t read (but will likely).

I love the storytelling and the character development and the world-building. I love that I already know the stories by having read the books/watched the movies many times over, but I find something new every time I read them.

What I love most, though, is the way that he wrote to the reader. It’s not as though he just wrote down a story from his perch atop Mount Omniscient Narrator. It’s more personal than that. It’s more like a grandfather telling tales to his grandchildren. It’s like he’s remembering the story as he was writing it out, and is delighted to bring you in on his moments of recollection.

How important is it to tell our stories with that sort of demeanor? I know how much I love to write as if I were an expert on everything I’m writing about and there’s no need for interjection, addition, or correction anywhere, but that’s just not reality.

Part of my hope in these 30 days is that you’ll get to read as authentic a “me” as you can. I want to resist the urge to dress things up and feign some level of command that I’d only be pretending I have.

Because, after all, if I’m writing genuinely then you will be getting to know me, not some pretend version of me who knows more than I actually do.

So, to you the reader, I hope you feel that what messages I give to you are deliberate and from the heart. I hope also that you know that I will make mistakes, show ignorance in moments, and completely underwhelm at times.

But I’m trying to tell a story here. Not all of it will be perfect, but I believe we will have passed through some wonderful and frightening and insightful places on our journey toward lives of success on our own terms.

Let’s keep on our way there. Then we’ll see if we need to come back again.

Onward and upward,