30 Days of Content 5

Day 5: Dog Names Part 1

House Morris has two dogs. We had three when Steph and I got married. She had an old French Bulldog named Tank. He was awesome, and he got along great with my dogs. He passed just a few months after we got married back in 2018.

Our two remaining dogs, who I got (and named) before Steph and I were married, are Severus and Eowyn.

Yeah. Nerd alert.

Eowyn is an incredible character from Lord of the Rings – niece of the King of Rohan and slayer of the Witch King of Angmar – we’ll talk more about her later. She’s a pit bull-labrador mix and is a pretty tan color.

But let’s talk about Severus Morris for a bit. Pit bull-bull terrier mix. Black with a white chest and salt-and-pepper face growing in as he’s getting further into old age.

Severus Snape, the top-5 good guy and top-5 bad guy from the Harry Potter series, is a literary hero of mine. He embodies loyalty and sacrifice for a cause greater than himself.

He’s also a grade-A jackass to Harry, and is more than a bit obsessive over Lily a decade after she’d passed (which was already however many years after she’d already gotten married to James).

So he’s not all good. He’s the type of character who if he was alive in reality I’d probably have a lot of respect for him but would find him so obnoxious that I’d never want to be around him.

But that’s the beauty of him being a fictional character. You can take all of the aspects written into his character and understand that they served the purpose of the ultimate wonderful and victorious end that we ended up getting.

Characters like that are who I want to be reminded of, and whose stories I want to remember, often. That’s why I named my first dog Severus. Because I want to remember to be loyal and sacrificial.

I hope we get a victorious end to our stories. Or that, if nothing else, the efforts we give will help to spur others toward their own victories.

Until tomorrow.

Onward and upward,