30 Days of Content 6

Day 6: AKA Day 7 Phase 1


I had it in my mind that this would likely happen. I figured life would come at me like a freight train one day and I’d miss a post.

I didn’t think it wouldn’t even take a week though.

Part of me feels like I’ve already failed at this. I tried to go 30 days straight and it’s already shot to hell.

There’s some truth in it, but here’s another thought:

What’s the greater failure? Missing a day while I’m trying to build a better habit of producing content, or getting down about having missed a day and giving up on the process entirely?

That’s an easy question to answer. I’m experiencing a failure based on an arbitrary goal. Arbitrary does not mean it isn’t a worthwhile goal. It simply means that the real-world implications of my failure are extremely small when put in a larger perspective.

We need to accept our shortcomings for what they are: experiences, mistakes, learning opportunities. They are not our identity. The more we allow ourselves to believe that we are these mistakes, the more we walk around wearing “Failure” as a scarlet letter and letting it affect our behaviors, performance, and relationships.

My failure does not make me a failure.

Your failures do not make you a failure.

Funny how much further we’re able to move when we allow ourselves grace from time to time.

If you’ve got something you should let go of, you have my permission to do that now.

Onward and upward. Not stagnant and sinking.