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30 Days of Content 3

Day 3: Slowing Down There had to be one day about COVID-19 early on in this thing. Truth is I’m in construction so as “essential infrastructure” employees have had a pretty normal go at it even as this whole virus has been wreaking havoc across the world. What I’m trying...

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30 Days of Content 2

Day 2: The Developed World is Uglier than the Undeveloped One This isn’t a hot take, but I realize it’s also not an objective stance. We’re making the world uglier. My entire adult life has been spent in the building sector. I studied Architectural Engineering in college (for some reason)....

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30 Days of Content

Day 1: Enter the Dragon If there’s one thing I’ve noticed as I’ve been slowly (very slowly) building a cache of content on this site it’s the following: I’m not the least bit consistent without structure. This is one of the primary traps many well-intended content creators and entrepreneurs find...

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I’m Certain of It

How Perspective is Helping Us Through the Long COVID-19 Night It’s no secret that in the most uncertain times many of us just want some certainty to fall back on. We understand in principle that one day the quarantines will be lifted, but we don’t know when. So even though...

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