Who We Are

We (Wes & Taylor) founded Ethea Lab over a FaceTime call which had been intended for catching up on life. We had no notion completely changing the trajectory of that life. It started as a rambling tangent from me (Wes) about how frustrated I was with my career as an engineer and how I wanted to finally do something about it. That call quickly grew into an all-out assault on the complacency and ignorance from which I’d been addressing the issue of my career and its effect on my life.

What you see here at Ethea Lab is what followed:

Countless hours of research, consultation, development, and groan-worthy humor intended to clear the way for people like you and me to make our way from resignation to lives and careers of fulfillment and impact.

At Ethea Lab we’re striving to equip people exactly like you to find, develop, and unleash your authentic self for universal impact. Our dreams and our intentions have no value if that’s the form they stay. It’s the dreams and intentions we”re courageous enough to put into action which will be our legacy.

To accomplish this we’re striving to pursue lifestyles and careers which are:

  • Personally Fulfilling & Satisfying
  • Universally Impactful & Significant
  • Financially Viable & Sustainable -and-
  • Aligned to our true Skills & Expertise

We’re here to catalyze career change and to see you succeed on your terms.

Great things are ahead. Let’s get to work.

Wes & Taylor – Founders, Ethea Lab